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How to Make Billions sitting in a station

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So heres my story and guide.

My second week in EVE, I was ratting in an Omist station system in a newly bought Raven when a roaming BoB gang jumped into the system, warped to my belt, warp scrambled me and owned the !@#$%^&* out of me, all in under 20 seconds. Nearly broke and pissed off, I decided that ratting was for wage slave suckers and that there has to be an easier, better way of making money that doesn’t involve the risk of being blown apart in 0.0 space. I recruitment scammed my way up to 500 million ISK, but then the fat overlord banned recruitment scamming.

Then I discovered trading. Now don’t get me wrong. Trading does NOT mean space trucking NPC-bought goods across lowsec space for a couple million ISK profit only to be blown up by some pirates who just got home from school. The trading I’m referring to deals in player-built ships and modules, moon minerals, etc etc. It also does not require you to leave the station you are trading out of, assuming you are in a trade hub. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP. There’s nothing better than waking up and seeing your wallet 200 million ISK fatter than it was than when you laid down to take a nap a few hours ago.

I operated primarily out of Jita with an alt in Rens. If I put in the work, I can make over a billion ISK in a single day. If I weren’t quitting EVE and decided to get really hardcore about trading and buy 4-5 accounts (one for each hub), I could easily see myself pulling in 2 billion ISK a day. Here’s how:

For EVERY item in EVE that is actively traded on the market, there is a spread between the buy orders and the sell orders. It is similar to You can calculate the percentage size of this spread by dividing the price of the lowest realistic sell order by the price of the highest realistic buy order. For example:

In this case, I would calculate the spread of the covert ops cloaking device IIs as follows:

10998/10000 = 1.0998 or 9.98%. If I put up a buy order at 10 million, have that buy order filled and put up a sell order at 10.998 million, I would make about a 10% return on the ISK invested. HOWEVER, you have to take broker fees and the sales tax into account. With no skill in broker relations or accounting, this shaves 3% off your profit. With broker relations 5 and accounting 5, you shave 2% off the profit. With great standings, broker relations 5, accounting 5, take 1% off the profit. The difference between 3% and 1% is HUGE when you’re dealing with high-volume goods over a long period of time. Thus, on my accounting 5 broker relations 5 character with 0 standings, our 10% profit becomes an 8% profit. With a billion ISK invested in the trade, that’s an 80 million ISK profit. Not too shabby.

“But… how can I find good stuff to trade?”

Quite easy. Go into the price history screen and look at the table. Make sure it is sorted by date with the latest date is at the top. Multiply the AVERAGE PRICE PER DAY by the AVERAGE VOLUME PER DAY. A good rule of thumb is that if there isn’t at least cheap 1 billion ISK going through the item every day, it’s not worth seriously trading. Also, make sure there is a sufficient amount of order volume. If there aren’t at least 20 orders per day of the item, it might still be worth trading, but it won’t be your bread and butter. The funny thing is, you don’t even have to know what the item does. I don’t know what half the !@#$%^&* I trade does. All you have to know is the spread and the volume.

Or if you’re lazy, trade the stuff on the quickbar. Most of it fits my criteria for trading. A key thing to remember is that the markets are ALWAYS CHANGING, so you always have to watch them. An item with !@#$%^&* volume and a 4% spread today might have great volume and a 20% spread tomorrow.

It is CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL that you use your wallet for order management and the quickbar of the market screen to move between items. This will save you ridiculous amounts of time moving between items and modifying orders. To add an item to the quickbar, right click it on the market screen and click ‘add item to quickbar’. Now you can browse to it quickly without having to scroll through numerous laggy windows.

My most profitable items are POS fuels (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, helium isotopes and liquid ozone), covert ops cloaking device IIs, +5 implants, and advanced materials.

And my last, most important piece of advice to any trader… STAY ON TOP OF YOUR ORDERS. If you ‘go away’ for a few weeks, you may come back to a nasty surprise as the item you bought at 200 is now trading at 73 and you’ve lost billions of ISK. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

There is a lot more to trading than what I’ve written here, I could probably write 30 pages about it. But these are the basics.


Scouting gates without getting popped

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Ever scouted a gate and got bumped out due to session change then get podded out suddenly? Still missing those 100m+ isk interceptor disintegrated in few seconds? Here’s the solution

When uncloaking and micowarping back to a gate at certain velocities you may bounce off the gate and get a session change in progress.

Even though you can buy cheap isk, This is the tip to avoid it.

1. You have thirty seconds till you uncloak, so if you are in a camp and need a gaurantee not to bounce the gate ,the best way is to hit the map browser and set destination back to the system you just jumped from. Then approach gate thus breaking the cloak hit microwarp drive and hit the auto pilot. You will then auto jump when in range.

2.Now another thing that was mentioned to me is if you wait out the thirty second timer and then approach micro warp that you will never get the session change. This i will confirm ASAP in a 10 000 m/s ship. this was also confirmed and works aswellP)P)

Only use this trick here with cruiser and frigate class ships that go fast enough to bump off the gate when approaching at full speed.


Your in your awesome speed tanking ship. you jump into a system. oh crap its a gate camp and there are more than you can run from. your best chance is to get back to the gate or losing more hard earned isk buying a shiny new ship.

set destination for system you just came from
wait at least 20sec after you jumping into the system
hit autopilot
wait for it to uncloak you to approach Stargate
hit the mwd immediately

for good measure hold your mouse button on the stargate so you can click jump as soon as your in rage. this will increase your chances of success.

once you jump into the next system your autopilot will have a 15sec session change so you cant jump though any star gates or doc at stations. But you can still fly around and warp places.


Mission running and Salvaging

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Would you like to possibly double or triple the amount of eve isk that you make in your kill missions? Now, looting wrecks is no longer the primary source of supplementary mission-income for players and corps alike.

Take advantage of the salvaging skill to make a great deal more of isk, no matter the kill mission. ESPECIALLY low level missions which pay relatively little, a 100,000 isk reward can easily turn into 1.5-2.0 million isk depending on the amount of enemies you face and how much salvagable materials you get to sell or use.

Not just for the single player, but also for corporations. With the new boost pack, the potential to have open fleets in corp can allow people to join in that may not want to fight, but can clean up the deadspace complexes for loot and money. And the rig industry in EVE, for which salvaged materials are used, is vastly profitable and lucrative at this time. For fleet based looting, whether or not you are all in a corp, have a dedicated pilot use, preferably, a destroyer. All destroyers are set up well with numerous high-slots for one or two tractor beams, and the rest salvagers. Fit some cargo expanders and an afterburner or micro-warp drive, and you have a fast little ship that can salvage more quickly and efficiently than larger cruisers, battlecruisers, or battleships.

Have the destroyer pilot wait for all of, or most of, the fighting to be over, and then allow him to warp in to clean up the wrecks. As long as he gets to the location, you can turn in your mission for the next one etc. Make sure that you are fleeted with the salvaging person, because he will be unable to tractor beam wrecks that you’ve destroyed if he is not in your group, therefore making his job much more difficult.

If you are a solo pilot, consider Gallente or other ships with high drone bays and drone bandwidth. If you rely heavily on drones and tank your shields or armor, you can use your high slots for the above-mentioned salvager/tractor beam combination. Consider, too, a drone link augmentor to increase substantially your range of your drones, so that you can wipe the floor with the mission targets and clean up once within 20km (the range of non-capital ship tractor beams). This extra range also helps to keep the npc enemies from being able to effectively hit your ship, or extra time in which to kill them while they approach thereby rendering them harmless.

I cannot stress how important it is for mission runners in EVE to level up their salvaging skills to take advantage of the system. Consider that every wreck that you leave unclaimed is money that you have essentially lost. Basically, you may pay 100,000+ isk per wreck just to leave it floating in space.


Agent Missions Secrets

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Skills (approximately 3 months – ouch):

  • Science 5
  • Laboratory Operations 5
  • Research 5
  • Research Project Management (RPM) 5
  • Special Science Skill(s), depending on the type of research to 4 or 5 (e.g. Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering, Graviton Physics, Nuclear Physics, Race-specific Starship Engineering…)
  • Connection (helps to get a your standing higher up to deal with the serious agents)

You don’t make tremendous eve online isk from the start, though you wont be making much later if you are not planned. Upside of the skills is that you will be able to research up to 6 BPOs at a time – nice for the lab rats . Theoretically you can also do this with minimum skills, but that also means that you can sit and wait for a year without seeing any real results.

You can start multiple reserach projects in the same field with different agents (even though you can only have one project per agent) – this way you only have to train one specific skill and save a little bit of time (e.g. if you are eager for the Crow BPO – go for Caldari Starship Engineering)


Research corporations


  • Carthum Conglomerate
  • Viziam
  • Khanid Innovations


  • Ishukone Corporation
  • Kaalakiota Corporation
  • Lai Dai Corporation


  • Creodron
  • Duvolle Laboratories
  • Roden Shipyards


  • Boundless Creation
  • Core Complexion
  • Thukker Mix

Unless you go for T2 ship BPOs, you won’t find a difference in the research corporation you join. For Hulk BPOs you have to go with Gallante. These things can buy your way to a lifetime of freeplay and you’ll end up selling your isk to online isk shops very soon.

Study Field Hints

  • Get the highest level agent available. If you are still working on standing with the research corp, but can access the lvl 3 R&D agents, then you can get that first agent.
  • RPs are generated on a daily basis so they increase each day by a set amount. Increasing this amount is essential to get a ton of RPs, which again result in a higher chance for a big hit. Some fields have modificators for RPs (e.g. Starship Engineering). Since everyone gets those though, you do not get a real advantage out of it. 300+ pts from one agent look nice though.
  • Look for a decent field with few competitors. Everyone and their mom has starship engineering going, so chances here are rather small. Of the less competited ones a lot are like this for a reasons. But manage to get that Cargo Expander II BPO and you are a made man.
  • Risky gambling: Go for fields that currently are marked with “nothing predictable” in the info box of the research agent. This means that there are currently no rewards and most players will skip it out of principle. However, if something is being added in the future and you bet on the right horse – you are looking at some nice profit.
  • If you use a level 3 agent to research a specific field, you will also need to have the science skill in that field trained to 3 (lvl 4 agent – lvl 4 science skill…). Since you want to maximize your daily RP amount, go for the level 4 agents – the significant RP difference is worth the extra days it takes.
  • Look at the top agents in your research corp and their fields – then decide what to research. If you want a level 4 electronic engineering agent, don’t start a project in starship engineering with the only level 4 agent that offers electronic engineering.

RPs and how to increase them

  • Science skill, agent level and effective quality of the agent determine the RPs you gain. Exact formula: RP/day = Field multiplier*(1+EQ of agent/100)*(My skill+AgentLvl^2)
  • Running missions for your R&D agent doubles the RPs you receive for that day and can be done once a day. They are about as boring as the game gets and usually end up costing you additional bit of cheap ISK, but every bit helps.

How to monopolize a market

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This is a plan for those who already have some EVE Online ISK but want to make a lot more and are prepared to take a risk. People often forget that the EVE market is like the real world market. If in the real world, I bought all the Coca Cola in England then I would have a monopoly and be able to charge what I liked, so instead of 50p a can I could charge 75p a can, people would have to pay 75p as no-one else is able to sell them, as I have them all.

Now transfer this thinking to buy EVE isk. If we take a system that’s is not a central trade hub ( so NOT Jita or Rens) then we look at what is low compared to it’s price history average. I see that in this system DCU I’s are selling for 150,000 ± 5,000 and there are about 1500 for sale within a 5 jump radius. So I now buy up ALL the DCU’s in that 5 jump radius. This will cost me 150,000 ± 5,000, so between 217,500,000 and 232,500,000 ISK.

Now you have just spent 230,000,000 isk price and you will want at LEAST a 10% profit on those, so you are looking to make 255,000,000 after all taxes and sale charges. This meant you have to sell your DCU’s for 175,000 each as a minimum. As you are the sole trader people will have to pay. This strategy takes time to perfect and is potentially risky but I have seen people buy up all of a mod and double the price and put them back on the market.


Gate Camps, the Real Threat

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I’d imagine that most players young and old have seen/ been caught up in a Gate Camp, especially in 0.0 space.

Most people fear the approach to the gate in question and this is understandable, however, a fast ship will usually see you through. However, the real danger comes from those gankers who jump through the gate to wait for you on the other side, especially those pesky indies.

Just for the record, get bm’s for your journey. Someone will have them that either you know or can buy eve online ISK from.

Ideally, strap a cloak on and remain over 2.5km from the camping parties ships will see you uncloak just as you hit jump distance (2.5km from the gate). On the other side, chose your warp desitination and as you begin to decloak from the gate, hit your cloak. Gone. Rinse and repeat.

Of course, thats the ideal situation. Usually things are different. You’re preparing for your journey and you’re about to stick on warp core stabs. STOP!!! Depending on your ship, you could fit wcs but be too slow hitting warp velocity and be ganked by a fastlocking hard hitter, or 7.
In these situations nanofibers are a pod-pilots best friend. We’re not after the high speed a nanofiber can provide, just the inertia decrease. At present the best nanofiber will provide -15% inertia, so fill the lo’s with these. The lower the speed increase as well means you have less speed to gain to hit your warp velocity if 75% of max speed. A prime EVE Online example of this is in the
Rupture. With a rack of wcs, this beast is slow to warp, but fit 5 local hull conversion nano’s and you’ll be aligned and at speed before you’ve finished uncloaking, therefore as soon as you’re targettable you’ve already entered warp and thus untouchable.


Now, this won’t work so well on some ships. Believe it or not a Stabber, the Ruptures smaller faster brother (with only 3 lo’s) can take longer to warp with 3 nano’s than a rupture with 5.

The moral of the story? Choose your ship wisely and fill it with nano’s 😛


Line up for warp instantly

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If you have a big ship that takes forever to line up to warp, and don’t want to chance ‘stopping ship’ to get lined up (you can sometimes not stop in time or are still not aligned properly) Buy cheap isk.

An easy way to get lined up, equip a cargo expander, fill your hull fuller than you could get it without the expander, then turn the eve online expander off ( so your over full ) at this point you can select your destination, hit warp, and you’ll line up perfectly but not warp as your over full, then just turn back on your expander and if anyone comes into the system you don’t like, just hit warp and your gone!

compare eve isk price 


EVE Online Tool: Trade Finder

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Eve Online Trade Finder is a tool to allow users to find trade routes and do market analysis from exported market data. Find your traderoute with just a few instrutions. Here comes:

1. Visit this website and download the newest version available:…kage_id=174641

2. Extract the files to a dictionary on your computer, but before you do anything follow these simple steps;

a. Click on the /run.MS-DOS-batch/ and close it again.

b. Now there should be a new document in your folder named /, open the file with a text editor (ex. notepad)

c. Edit the first line in the file (should look like this; evepath=C:/Documents and settings/<your_user_name>/EVE/logs/Marketlogs/
) to fit your EvE ISK cheap logs folder on your harddrive. It’s usally in your Documents folder. Save the file.

d. Next of go login to your EvE-client and go to the Market tab in the left side of the screen and press any valuable item (look for items that sells high but buys low)

e. When you have found your itemtype, notice the button right below your marketscreen saying; “Export to file”. Press and say ok. Buy ISK

f. Now you can go run the /run.MS-DOS-batch/ file, and it should’ve found the file you just have exported.

g. Now with the window still open, go to your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and type in the addressbar; http://localhost:8081

Now you are all set up to find the best aswell as the fastest traderoutes available!


Sink Cruiser Or Larger NPCs by Destroyer or less

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Here’s an easy way to make EVE Online ISK

Something I found out just recently that can help some weaker players defeat those Serpentis guys that sometimes hang around asteroid belts. If they’re too tough for you, what you could do, is first send a drone to attack them, and that means they will target it and not you, while they’re fighting the drone(s) you just keep shooting at almost point blank range. This works especially well with slower bigger ships, since their slow turret speed doesn’t allow them to hit the drone(s) so, even if you’re in a weak ship, you could still kill a Serpentis Wing Leader with relative ease, although it might take some bullets (but those give you 120k Cheap ISK bounty and some OK stuff to sell for a beginner).
Note that it’s easier to do if they’re all distracted or if you’re one on one because there is no risk of anybody shooting back all of a sudden.

I also found this great cheap ISK shop


Kill macroers w/o CONCORD attacking you

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Fit a scrambler and head to your nearest maromart belt“ drop a can and rename it “You”

Then orbit the can and scramble it the macromart shoppers cheap EVE ISK will get the message that you just tried to scramble “You” confused they will then attack you, now you can freely… as you wish no concord running interference.

Buy EVE Online ISK

This is also a naughty trick to play in empire noob belts . Its funny to watch 20 noobs warp out because they think you are a ISK price pirate trying to attack them.